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Speaking Topics

Below is a selection of the presentations we offer. With any topic you choose, we will work with you to tailor the presentation to your organization’s specific goals and challenges. We also welcome requests for other topics. Yasmin’s most requested talks include:

From Burnout to Top Performers
Inspire a Highly-Engaged Workforce with a Simple, Sustainable Approach to Employee Well-Being

Learn how to design and implement innovative emotional wellness practices to energize engagement, activate creativity, elevate team performance, and build employee resilience without requiring additional time.

Employee burnout has reached epidemic proportion in the US. Though the conditions that lead to burnout can feel “productive,” this approach is often inefficient and costly at best, and tragic at worst.

Though avoidable, burnout wreaks havoc on organizational productivity, undermines employee engagement, and results in top performers who used to love their work- leaving. Burnout can create a cycle of instability in even the brightest company, through high turnover, emotional conflict, and increased health care costs. (Consider that employers incur an estimated $100 billion annually in direct and indirect costs associated with depression).

The good news is these challenges are reversible and even- preventable.

In this session, you will learn a new paradigm to employee well-being and resiliency that that transcends the impact of most conventional approaches, with little to no cost or time investment on the part of the employer.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify key warning signs of burnout (before you lose your top performers)
  • Learn the Retirement Day Practice™ framework to help employees minimize and recover from workplace burnout
  • Discover how you can help employees use their time off more effectively, so they return to work refreshed and more productive than ever before
  • Implement practical strategies to build a resilient, inspired workforce who engage at the highest level every day

Beyond Self-Care and Work-Life Balance:
A Lasting Solution for Personal & Professional Happiness – for Women Leaders

Learn how to incorporate life-changing practices to reduce stress, prevent burnout, re-energize your life, deepen relationships, and elevate your performance at work and beyond.

To many ambitious, professional women “ self-care,” is just another “to do” on an ever-growing list of tasks and responsibilities.

The idea of “work-life” balance can feel even more unattainable and the phrase alone can trigger feelings of inadequacy.

But the question remains: How can busy women navigate the enormous demands of daily life, and perform to their fullest with joy, and without burnout?

There is a way, and it starts with changing the way you think.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Create time for self-care that sticks- no matter how “busy” you are
  • Release the guilt and shame that can accompany your new self-care habit
  • Rediscover what brings you lasting joy and connection
  • Establish healthy boundaries and say “no” with confidence
  • Create a work-life integration plan that refuels you physically, mentally and emotionally, every day, without struggle or strain

From Uncertainty to Clarity:
Discovering the Best Version of Your Work and Life

Learn how to navigate major life and career transitions to discover clarity, purpose, joy, and confidence.

A major change in your life can change everything.

Whether it is a career transition, loss, a divorce or some other major change, when you are facing a major transition, what used to feel connected may feel completely disconnected. The difference between now and then can sometimes even feel shocking. You may even look in the mirror and wonder: Who is this stranger staring back at me?”

In times of great uncertainty, our natural instinct is to often power through it and “figure it out”. But can our next steps best come to fruition through conventional means? Is hurrying to “figure it out,” really the most effective approach?

Discover a new path to help you move from uncertainty to clarity, with greater ease, so you can enjoy your life again and serve others at the highest level.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Discover a counter-intuitive, but highly effective approach to get clarity on what’s next (no matter how uncertain you currently feel)
  • Immediately reconnect to what feeds and fuels you
  • Release limiting beliefs to explore what’s truly possible
  • Identify the unique relationships and resources that will open the doors to new opportunities, faster than you can imagine
  • Express the newest, best version of you, no matter what

Runway to Retirement for Your Clients (for Financial Advisors)

Stand out from the competition and attract more, highly-engaged customers through a revolutionary approach to Retirement Planning.

As a Financial Advisor, what if there was a way for you to easily set your business apart and gain raving fans who are emotionally connected to your services?

In this program, Yasmin will present his unique “Retirement Lifestyle Planning” method to your clients, giving them a glimpse of a powerful and practical retirement lifestyle – in this moment.

No more feeling that thinking about Retirement isn’t urgent, relevant or important right now. No more disconnect with clients you really want to engage and serve.

According to a recent Merrill Edge Report, millennials are the first generation to plan for long-term freedom instead of retirement.

By reconnecting them with experiences of joy and purpose, this could be the inspiration and catalyst to jumpstart their retirement planning now.

In this session, will help you:

  • Stay top of mind and elevate trust with your clients and prospects
  • Add more client value and generate more referrals
  • Stand out from top financial advisors
  • Activate retirement planning conversations with multiple generations (Millenials, Boomers, GenX)

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