The Joyful Living Project

40 Transformational Conversations in 60 days Inspiring Joy, Connection, and Freedom

In the last 9 months, I have had the honor of connecting with almost 500 women speaking at a number of leadership conferences and in one-on-one conversations.

Each time my heart fills with admiration and sadness by the countless stories of their drive, commitment, generosity, and achievement that also came at the price of sacrifice, exhaustion, and disconnection with joy and ultimately themselves. Happiness doesn’t have to be elusive, and exhaustion doesn’t have to be a part of work and “success.” That is what inspired me to create the Joyful Living Project.

The Joyful Living Project is my gift to impact-driven business leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs.

These are overworked-givers who unapologetic give and know they need to refill their own tank but aren’t sure how.

Imagine the profound impact you make when your body feels energized and your heart is filled with confidence, connection, clarity, inspiration, and love.

Over the next 60 days, I will conduct 40 transformative conversations with 40 impact-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, much like you and me.

This project is an invitation for leaders who are ready to embrace more joy, connection, and freedom in their lives.

This unique opportunity is for you if:

  • You already have a level of financial or career success, but feel stuck on how to experience more joy, fulfillment, and flow in your life.
  • You are going through a major transition in your work or life and want clarity on “what now” that’s aligned with you and your purpose.
  • You feel guilty taking time for yourself or have a difficult time establishing healthy boundaries.
  • You struggle to remember what actually brings you joy and nourishes your soul.
  • You may already have moments of joy but want more consistent and lasting experiences.
  • You crave personal support with your dreams, growth, and self-care.

If this calls to you, keep reading.

The Joyful Living Project is…

an appreciation and celebration of YOU.

If you are selected to participate in this project, I want to acknowledge and celebrate your journey thus far.  This is an opportunity for you to reconnect with that incredible person inside who has been waiting to come out to play, breathe, and make a difference.

an exploration and expansion of what joy means to you.

Whether you choose entrepreneurship, family, or a professional career to dedicate your time,  you inevitably sacrifice or defer some desires or dreams. Have you ever said, “I have always wanted to….?” This is a conversation that reconnects you to those deep desires and dreams you may have forgotten.

an unearthing of ideas and beliefs getting in the way of having more joy and freedom now.

Whether it’s the idea that something needs to happen before you can have the joy and freedom you desire or the feeling of guilt and shame that comes in wanting this, you may not realize how these rob you of the precious time and moments right now.  The result is a constant feeling of obligation, overwhelm, struggle, exhaustion, unworthiness, and even loss of hope.

a discovery of choices and resources you already have in front of you.

Under the illusion of busyness and fear of consequences,  we often forget that we actually have choices. Our conversation will reveal those options that are right in front of you that you may not be able to see through your current lens of reality. There are many resources you may not realize are available to empower and support a more joyful version of you.

immediate action you can take towards the joy and freedom you desire.

The most dangerous risk of all: The risk of spending your life NOT doing what you want and the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it LATER” – Alan Watts.  This is such a revealing quote that reminds us of how important it is to start taking action towards our joy and freedom now.  In our conversation, we will explore those action steps that you can immediately take.

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”

Henri J.M. Nouwen

How The Joyful Living Project Works…

Each of these 40 conversations is a gift from me and an invitation to celebrate, co-create, and inspire even more experiences of joy, freedom, love, connection, and community in your life.

What to Expect:

  1. There are only 40 spots. This experience is first come, first serve.  If you hesitate, then this is NOT for you.
  2. This project runs from May 26th – July 25th
  3. Each conversation is 45 minutes and is recorded so you can re-listen indefinitely.
  4. While this session will challenge and stretch you, I will hold space for you to explore what joy looks like in your life, and how to expand and access more of it starting now.


The Joyful Living Project is not…

a sales pitch.

Our time together is precious.  I want to honor that by holding space for a deep and meaningful conversation where we can

  •       appreciate the wholeness that is already you
  •       explore new possibilities
  •       discover the support network you already have
  •       reveal possible areas of misalignment
  •       discover the truth behind some of your beliefs
  •       expand the meaning and freedom
  •       reconnect you with joy
  •       define an action plan to move your closer to the life experience you want

If you choose to continue beyond this conversation, I will be happy to share some opportunities where I can support your next steps.

business planning and tactics.

Strategies work only when you have a clear vision of what’s possible, what may be getting in your way, and the life experiences you want to have.  Diving into tactics too soon puts the cart before the horse. We will, however, lay the groundwork for a plan for joy, connection, and freedom.

about me.

Though I may share some perspective on what may be possible, ultimately, your journey is your own. I believe that the wisdom and freedom you seek is actually within you buried under old stories, social expectations, and survival instincts.  “It is in the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped.” This quote reminds us that the seed of possibility you decide to plant will determine the fruits you will enjoy.

life coaching.

This experience is a vehicle to get back into alignment with your work, life, and relationship in a way that works for you!  It’s a way to have deep, thoughtful conversations that lead to inspired action to transcend your current reality.

To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”  

Pearl S. Buck

My Inspiration to Support Overworked Givers

Have you ever felt like YOU have to keep it all together, and if for a moment, you let up, it will fall apart and you will crumble under the weight of all your responsibilities?

In my recent speaking tour, I’ve connected with many women who share this experience.

From the outside, many of these high-performing, successful business leaders have it all put together.  But deep down each shared a yearning for something more that seems to elude them.  Some call it balance while others craved lasting fulfillment, joy, and deeper purpose.

Fully dedicated to their work, family, and friends, many find themselves exhausted, overwhelmed, overcommitted and burned out.  They seem to always be last on their own list and often feel guilty for taking time off for themselves.  

Even though they have success financially and in their career, they can’t seem to find the pause button in their life so they can catch their breath and experience more than a fleeting moment of joy and relief.

I’ve noticed an underlying fear among these “overworked givers” that if for a moment, they let up, all the things they are holding together will fall apart and they will crumble under the weight of all that responsibility.  

Even though they know they need and crave self-care time, they can’t imagine the possibility of adding one more thing to their overflowing plate of to-dos.

Some have looked into the mirror with tears streaming wondering “How did I get here?  I’ve worked so hard. I’ve cared so much.”

I’ve also met quite a few incredible women who are navigating a major transition in their lives…divorce, career change, kids leaving the house, or reaching a milestone birthday (35, 40, 45, 50).  

Each share their version of “Who am I? What now? What do I want next in my life that is meaningful and FOR ME?

After years and even decades of putting their happiness, dreams, and passions in a box on the top shelf, they are now dusting off this box and rediscovering that special part of themselves that has always been there, but hidden and long forgotten.  When asked about joy, they often reply, “I don’t even know what brings me joy these days?

Having personally felt this pain and longing for more myself, I was compelled to create this “Joyful Living Project.”

You see, 5 years ago, I completely hit the wall trying to run 5 businesses.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out as an “overworked giver”.  There seemed to be no room in my life left for me. Taking care of everyone and everything, I slipped into a deep spiraling depression.

At the end of my rope, I left work one afternoon and headed to the Oregon Coast. That changed everything. In the next 18 months, I returned to the coast 52 times. As a result, I discovered a new way of living and working that healed my body, deepened my relationships, and transformed my life.  I reconnected with myself, my purpose, and what mattered most in my life. I got back in alignment with my work, life, and relationships.

Though life is dramatically different for me these days, I still struggle from time to time with allowing myself permission to fully experience joy, love, and connection.  I guess deep down, part of me is still carrying the weight of responsibilities on my back.  Sometimes, I’m afraid if I let myself truly indulge in the joyful experiences that my responsibilities would get even heavier when I return to them.

But what’s interesting is that when I fully immerse myself in these experiences of self-care like rest, connection, adventure, growth, and contribution that I am actually more energized, resilient, and present for all the people and responsibilities in my life.

Based on what I’ve learned, I feel called to serve those who give so much of themselves, those leaders who are “overworked givers.”  

I am called to inspire possibilities and guide these change-makers to their own path of joy, connection, and freedom.

A joyful life isn’t about others; it’s about the brightness that is associated with being alive. Your path to it is through anything that replaces thinking with pure flight, pure joy.”

Martha Beck